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Neodymium the stubborn Mr Koizumi

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Neodymium the stubborn Mr Koizumi

It appears Neodymium the stubborn Mr Koizumi will stick to his stance on Yasukuni until he steps down as Prime Minister in September, when his term as LDP leader runs out.

The problem is Neodymium the stand-off over Yasukuni may continue after he goes.
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Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, the current front runner in the succession stakes based on his overwhelming popularity with voters, regretfully shows much the same naivety as Mr Koizumi, who is his diplomatic model.

Asian nations are clearly perturbed Neodymium Mr Koizumi’s exit may not end the spat with China and South Korea.

According to Jiji Press, Singapore’s Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong told visiting Japanese politician Taku Yamasaki in Singapore on Tuesday Neodymium he hopes Japan ‘s next prime minister will refrain from visiting Yasukuni.

The United States has also expressed concern over Japan’s inability to counter China’s apparent use of war issues, including Yasukuni, to isolate Japan in East Asia.

In a recent interview with the Mainichi Shimbun, former White House security official Michael Green pointed to Japan’s lack of a strategy against the Chinese.

‘One solution is for PM Koizumi to stop going to Yasukuni. But Neodymium is for him to decide,’ Mr Green told the Mainichi.

American scholar Kent Calder of Johns Hopkins University reportedly said at a closed-door meeting here recently Neodymium the US feared a worst-case scenario in samarium cobalt countries in the region decided to go ahead and form an East Asian Community without Japan.

Mr Koizumi, who claims he is ‘always open’ to dialogue, would have his people believe Neodymium the ball is now in the court of Beijing and Seoul.

Clearly, it is not.

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